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First lights of NOU-T at South Rouen Observatory

After a Lhires III equiped in low resolution mode with a 150 l/mm gratings (2009), LISA (20120), eShel (2015), my observatory is now equiped with a NOU-T built by my friend Joan Garro.

The NOU-T is based on the optical concept designed by Tim Lester.

From my point of view, based on spectra received for the ARAS database, Tim's concept (and treatment) gives the best results in amateur echelle spectra.

See, from Tim's spectrosgraph to NOU-T

NOU-T is placed directly at the focus of the telescope, which avoid the usage of a fiber and the associated loss of light..

This page describes the first lights of my NOU-T, kindly built and tuned by Joan.

NOUT1   Joan
NOUT at the focus of the Meade LX850 in SRO-FR observatory  

Final tuning of the NOUT by Joan during his trip in Normandy with M.A
Note: Mask for optics and not againt COVID :-)

NOUT gratings stage   NOUT autoguiding stage



Telescope: Meade LX850 SC 14" F/8
Focal reducer: Lumicon x0,63 -Effective F/D = 5
Science CCD: ATIK 460 EX binned 2 - Soon replaced by ASI 2600MM
Autoguiding CCD: ASI 174 MM
Spectrograph: NOU-T spectrograph

Telescope, CCD controls and Acquisition : MaximDL
Treatment : ISIS
Graphs 2D : Python Code, PlotSpectra

Security: IMA Protect

Day light

alp And

Nova Cas 2021

AG And